The NEW way to play Bingo!

In Amazing Bingo, you travel the “Emerald Path” on a maze like game board to go after the numbers you need for a Bingo pattern while at the same time trying not to give numbers to your opponents. Adding to the fun are Amazing Bingo’s very own “Slap Dice” plus the “Quicksilver” and the “DabNabIt” elements which give this great new game all the right stuff for exciting, interactive FUN! But prepare yourself as this game makes you play tough. In it you must use cutthroat strategies to slow down an opponent and prevent them from getting Bingo before you do! Alliances are formed and broken while each player tries to find the quickest path to the numbers they need to get Bingo first! And don't get us started on how this makes a great PARTY game for the college crowd! read more

About the game

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