• A Strategy game with A BINGO Premise!

    FOR 2 - 6 PLAYERS AGES 8 - 108

    This is the about page for the orginal Game while it was known as first simply "The Bingo Game" then "Amazing Bingo" and will explain the basic concept and rules of the first version of this game.

    After many many hours of test plays and test players with the NEW GAME we are very excited to release the REBOOT edition. The exciting new look, feel and play of the game is going to spread this game around the world

    We are currently bulding the official new site at amazenbingo.com.

    The following is purely for historic reasons. Enjoy!

    PLEASE NOTE: Many of the rules below have been changed or eliminated altogether. Modifications beyond the physical structure of the maze have been dramatically improved.

    We have officially changed the name to "a MAZE'n Bingo". No one seemed to catch on to the connection between the game having a Maze Like challenge and the word "Amazing". The new gameboard makes it very obvious, but we kinda ove the new name too!

    We invite you to learn the basics of this game through this site for now. The modifications to the new edition, will not be found here, those are surprises.

    This was for reference for the people who have the original game with hints and additional info for those current players. Pease enjoy:

    The Concept: Players roll the unique Slap Dice (Clap Dice now in the 2021 edition) and travel through the maze-like gameboard going after the numbers they need for Bingo on their Bingo Cards.

  • Basic rules Synopsis

    The game has players travel a unique maze-like game board to get the numbers they need on their one bingo card to make Bingo. The game board is made up of a pathway of landing stones with the 75 numbers from Bingo as well as a few other special landing stones with unique abilities. With the role of the "Slap Dice" players go after numbers they need on their Bingo card. These cards are kept hidden from the other players (like a poker hand) and hope the numbers they go for do not help their opponents. The game also gives players a certain way to learn numbers another opponent needs. It allows for strategic alliances to be made... and broken.

  • Complex, not Complicated

    With a handful of simple rules and a few unique landing spots (besides the Bingo numbers), players compete to get their Bingo without inadvertantly helping give it to their opponent(s) first. Imagine finally going after the numbers you need for bingo, no more hoping for lady luck to draw it out of a bingo machine, it is just YOU using your OWN skill to get to YOUR Numbers. Everything needed to play comes with the game including 25 re-usable Punch out Bingo Cards.


  • Hints


    Using a chip to make each new move helps you keep track of where your turn began, sometimes as the game progresses players can lose track of where they started.

    If a player's move begins on either "Quicksilver" or "Dab Nab It" stones and it allows the player the ability to pass over that same QS or DNI stone within that move it IS TO BE COUNTED AS THOUGH IT IS OCCUPIED and NOT COUNTED. All other QS or DNI stones with another player on them are also NOT counted.

    Always try to find the shortest path possible to a number, Try to go for the numbers the farthest to reach earlier. (For example: The first two numbers after the start triangle)

    GAME BOARD CREASES - The 3-Minute Solution

    A few players find that due to our unique game Board material and packaging that the creases on the game board can be a wee tad annoying. With great thanks to Amazing Bingo Player Nadia P. from Calgary Canada the simple "3 minute solution" is to:

    Put Gameboard under BROWN PAPER BAG or BROWN PAPER BAG type PAPER ONLY other paper does not seem to work, tea towels DO NOT work. Iron it on LOW- MEDIUM heat (depending on your iron). Iron flat the creases on the side they stick up, creases face down flatten better if you turn board over so they face up then iron. MAKE SURE YOU ALWAYS KEEP IRON MOVING! To keep creases out for next game simply roll it up for storage and leave it that way till next time you play. Should not take you more than 5 minutes.

    Another option for some has been to put it under a sheet of clear hard plastic or plexiglas if that is available to you.

    Dab Nab It (DNI)

    In Dabnab it you move players to any start square or make them miss a turn. Earlier in the game it is more useful to send them to a start square as it will often take more than one roll to get back to where they need to be. Later in the game it is often more effective to use the miss a turn.

    The REVEAL is great after a few numbers into the game as too early causes you to have to remember too many numbers. NO WRITING ANYTHING DOWN!

    A player can be made to miss a turn more by more than one player, one after another, but one player cannot use the DNI stone twice in a row, if there next move allows them to land on either DNI stone a second time in a row it is ineffective for that player on that turn.


    Quicksilver is great as not only a transporter pad but a safe place to try for if you cannot get to a number you need. Remember to complete your move to the next QS stone or you will have to make your next turn from the qs stone you landed on.

    Your Opponents

    Players keep their cards tightly to themselves but knowledge of the pattern and your player's moves help you get an idea of what they are after.



  • Advanced Rules

    ADVANCED STRATEGIC OPTIONS As it stands Amazing Bingo plays great. Yet this game, through player feedback will continuouly evolve and expand its capabilities. We are excited to present "THE REVEAL" a new and exciting capability to include as an option to the DAB NAB IT stone.

    End users can, when and if they wish to, include these advanced rules into their game. Please note the addition to the Quicksilver stone as well.

    DAB NAB IT Stone Third NEW Option:

    The Reveal

    Option 1: Miss A Turn

    Option 2: Move to any start Square.

    Option: 3 The REVEAL is the 5 SECOND EXPOSURE of everyone's BINGO CARDS EXCEPT the person who landed on the DNI and calls it! Players all show cards at the same time and together countdown from 5 Option 3 applies even if player has called "One-Away"

    Quicksilver Stone (Q/S)

    The quick silver pad adds the powers of the Dab Nab It stone when the two stones between the Q/S and the START are covered by a cover chip..

    Timing Option

    In the standard game of Amazing Bingo moves are not timed.However advanced players can have their moves include a timing element.

    Time the movers or allow for the "as much time as needed" ability but set a time limit of 15, 30, 45 or 60 second intervals that each time reached must make the player reveal a currently needed number.

    Alternatively you can simply include the time limit to make a move and if not made in that time must forfeit their next turn. (as in Tournament play rules).

    If you have a question concerning any rules:

    NOTE: A small number of the games had the wrong set of rules put in them that had a misprint where DAB NAB IT is concerned: On top of page 2 it somehow ended on the words "make them..." and then it stops (oops) it should continue with: "...miss a turn. The same player can land on BUT NOT use the Dab Nab It stone two turns in a row. Dab Nab It is NEVER covered by a cover chip" We at Amazing Bingo Laboratories apologize for this. On the bright side, those mught be worth money one day...


  • The Game's Rule Book

    Page ONE of the rules explain the elements of the game.

    Page TWO explains the types of games you can play.

    Page THREE is where the actual "RULES OF PLAY" begin

    About the Creator

    Stephen R. Kaplan aka MR. BINGOTAINMENT is a designer of Gaming related entertainment. Besides Amazing Bingo he has a new bingo game show called "DO YOU WANT IT?" He is also a Professional Magician (under the name The Maestro of Magic) and is a an esteemed MC. Stephen has been dubbed: "Mr. Bingotainment" by the Casino/Gaming industry. More info about him at his website: www.TheMaestroOfMagic.com